Amanda Stewart

English Faculty and Coaching Project Leader
Ulladulla High School, New South Wales

Amanda Stewart has 26 years teaching experience with the Department of Education and has constantly adapted and improved her skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the rapidly changing world that we live in.

In 2018 she completed extensive coaching training including the GCI Coaching Accreditation Program. In her time at Ulladulla HS she has been a coach to students from years 7-12 and for staff. The formation of the Growth Coaching Champion team at UHS has ensured the longevity of the program and in 2019 the team successfully launched the Students Coaching Students pilot program. Amanda will continue to work passionately on this program to ensure UHS builds the coaching capacity of the student body of the school.

Suzy Taplin

English Faculty and Coaching Project Leader
Ulladulla High School, New South Wales

Suzy Taplin is an English Teacher on the South Coast of NSW. With fifteen years of classroom teaching experience, she has coached members of the executive staff, teachers, and students of various ages and abilities.

For the last two and a half years Suzy was instrumental in implementing a coaching program at her school which has led to student and teacher groups building their capacity in coaching conversations. With over 250 students and staff involved to date, she is passionate about coaching, seeking out students and staff to participate. Suzy is keen to share her case study and enthusiasm for coaching peers and students.

Her other achievements include launching the first South Coast English Teachers Association Branch and serving as president, receiving the Professional Teachers’ Council award for ‘outstanding professional service’

Topic and Abstract

Case Study – Ulladulla High School

‘A subtle way of creating a coaching culture in the community’

This case study will share the ‘organic’ way a coaching culture was created in our school, while working within the school plan and milestones.

We will focus on how we took a small insular one on one program to a whole school program over the past four years, that benefits everyone in the school community. Specifically, we will focus on gaining ‘buy in’ from all staff and the creation of the students coaching students’ program.

There will be an opportunity to discuss the problems we faced and the key strategies that we are adopting for shifting the school culture. There will be examples of how we are working with teams/faculties/staff and students to encourage a program to suit the needs of the whole school body. These could be of relevance to your context.

Learn how you can shift to a culture of conversations across your school, while encouraging a growth mindset and solutions focused approach. All it could take is one conversation.