Greg Elliott

Caroline Chisholm College, New South Wales

Greg Elliott has been Principal of Caroline Chisholm College for four years and has a PhD in self-efficacy theory under examination. Originally accredited in Growth Coaching in 2012, he applies coaching skills in all areas of his practice.

Greg King

Assistant Principal, Wellbeing
Caroline Chisholm College, New South Wales

Greg King is an experienced educator with a keen interest in Positive Psychology. He led the implementation of a Positive Psychology pastoral care framework at the college in 2017 and has fortnightly coaching sessions with each member of his team, modelling the practice.

Topic and Abstract

Case Study - Caroline Chisholm College

"What would that look like for you?"
Embedding multli-level coaching in a comprehensive high school

Over three and a half years the college has taken a deep dive into coaching with a vision of establishing a coaching culture for everyone in the community: teachers, students and parents. In a swiftly transforming school, coaching has become the vehicle for professional learning, peer coaching for goal setting, leadership development, classroom learning and coaching skills for parents. The narrative of our coaching journey is interwoven with our 5 Transformations Agenda which has seen the school set audacious goals to fundamentally reimagine pedagogy, professional learning, pathways, partnerships and places and spaces. Coaching has unlocked human potential in teams tasked with making this audacity a reality. It has also empowered teachers in their learning relationships with students to focus on strengths, which supports our Positive Psychology model of student growth. Beginning with coaching accreditation for our senior leaders, then accreditation and training for anyone with an area of responsibility in the school, we spent years developing and refining our practice.
We have not yet reached our goal of cultural infusion - ‘this is just how we do things’, but the foundation is established and our purpose is clear.